Cold_wolf77 (cold_wolf77) wrote,

Life is better when you ask questions rather than making a guesses or assumptions. Im apprehensive when it comes to leaving my bubble and over come my pride to get answers. I try not to ask too often because this makes me feel like a fool. Of course in one way or another we're all fools so i should loosen up a little bit. Whats a scientist to do without questions?

Last night, was rather wierd for me because i looked up ways of communicating with others. Sometimes deciphering other people can be both adventurous and tedious if my mind isnt home. I feel embarrassed studying this, but i have myself to blame for not going an extra mile to socialize. Guys i know care little but girls care plenty so i would need to be more proficient in communicating. Probably my biggest issue is asking others on how to talk to that particular person. I once questioned someone on such subject and he laughed histerically. Despite being darker skinned, you can see the red blush when i feel my pride has been shot and im now too embarrassed to speak. Its a shame that i still care for pride. I have been trying to work it out of my psyche. Its nothing more than a hinderance. Its my wall against me.
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