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Aries passion

I occasionally remember the open mouth kissing i witnessed that was so disgusting i went blind for a few minutes. In the past there were two forms of intimacy i was very shy towards; oral sex and kissing. Simply because i was against letting foreign substance enter my mouth that i didn't believe belonged there. I know that some instances I wouldn't care for such things if it wasn't killing me. Nevertheless, I do part take when the love is strong enough. In which case I wouldn't care for my personal opinions on such form of intimacy and allow my passion to take over.

My heart and body sometimes feel colder than a rock, surrounded by tall flames that feel cold rather than hot with a cool blue color. I'm the type of guy who lacks compassion to a certain degree, I wouldn't care enough to keep certain people from being burned by my fire. However, my control over it is still lacking and it sometimes leave burns others I do care about. I feel this fire is the wall of manifestation of my loner mentality that has developed over years. This wall is fierce and roars intensely as if there's a titanic animal letting out horrible wails while being burned alive.

I'am the brain wanderer.
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