Cold_wolf77 (cold_wolf77) wrote,

Swords edge are sharp, eagle eyes are keen, body stands tough, mind stays acute

I strive to have form of a warrior. I fight other fighters, I yearn to use a weapon with absolute precision, to have the mind acuity of a master strategist. Would I use a gun? Yes if I was excellent at it. Whereas if guns can only have five bullets I can say "thats cool because I'm a expert marksman with a pistol anyway no bullet will be wasted. Do I wish to be proficient with a sword yes. I wan't to be good to make precise strikes, I have no need to hack my opponent in half, I would rather sever nerves making em incapable of attacking me. Just like my Chinese zodiac the snake, when it comes to defending myself I can be just as unforgiving.
I'am not the one to shy away from danger, In life danger gives me motivation to move. Sure I won't rush to look for trouble, but when I think about it I kind of like it, danger is that undeniable force pushes me to achieve greater things. In a way, that ideal makes sense.  Hazards, makes us stronger, faster, and sharper, when you live in a passive lifestyle, all those things don't apply. in evolution, creatures are physically fit for what life they live or what deadly obstacles they encounter. Creatures such as Galapagos Iguana, it doesn't have any predators to fear from or competition for food. It lives in leisurely lifestyle allowing the comfort of keeping its guard down, slow, and passive. In contrast, the African Honey badger is full of vigor, keen in many senses, and not afraid to show it's ferocity in the face of danger. Why? Because it must deal with so many predators that could potentially kill it. I'm not saying I would be happier facing dangers every day, no one should try to make troubles for themselves, but understand how effective life can be whether you may view it as positive or negative. Perhaps that is why I do not ever want to sit in a retirement home, when I'm in a safe and tranquil environment, the challenge that keeps me moving is being stripped from me. I suppose I might be one of those people that would relish the life on the edge though I do not go searching for it. Because in the face of a crisis, I'am alive.
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