Cold_wolf77 (cold_wolf77) wrote,

Video games

I have been wondering whether or not having fun means anything more significant than just fun. I remember how people would tell me that video games are pointless and a waste of time. Video games are fun, so is fun pointless? In a way it can be. Back when I was young, I was a practical type of person believing everything has a purpose. That ideology took a lot of fun out of life for me. I questioned the purpose of foot ball, running for track, reading. I expected everything to have definitive purpose in a scheme much bigger than myself. So when you put that into perspective, wouldn't you question the meaning behind everything that would seem pointless; case and point video games. What is the purpose of video games? Are we training for something? Are we sharpening our minds through mental stimulation? Why is there a need to produce so many different kinds of video games? But then I wonder why I do need to question everything and not just enjoy myself? Because life was never meant to be about fun. That fact of life has always been true ever since it's inception. But I then wonder, what am I working towards? Endless questions bring endless wonder.
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