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Well well, the storms that have tormented me this year is beginning to dissipate. The clouds of self loathing are clearing up and letting the light of my desires shine upon me. But as usual I never get too excited, or get ahead of myself. Just because a small ray of sun has penetrated the black skies, doesn't mean the rains, and winds will vanish. But I don't think the worst has yet to come, like almost every American, I'm aware that the economy is bound to get worse; or rather, the shit is going to hit the fan sooner or later. Many of us are making strides to mentally and physically prepare for such a world. Personally, I would rather live in the woods where the economy is dictated by the amount of food, water, shelter and protection. -_- Hmm I never would have guess that time without my computer would make me think this way. I still use my PS3 to type on here but I can only do so much. Checking e-mails is so risky on the ps3 so I never know who contacting me. -_-. 
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